Sizing Chart

Follow these simple steps to help you choose the right strap size


The following table contains the suggested paddleboards for our small, medium and large straps. Strap lengths are based on the average width and height of paddleboards tested by the Nozou team.


Measuring Your Board

If available use a sewing tape to make your measurement. If you do not have a sewing tape you can use a piece of rope or yarn and use it to wrap around your paddleboard to get a length. Use a measuring tape or ruler to get a measurement of that length. Be sure to consider where you will be placing your strap while paddleboarding to get the best measurement.

1. Make a measurement from the first proposed D-ring location, down the side, across the bottom, up the opposite side, to the second proposed D-ring location. Compare this measurement to the strap D-ring measurement below.

2. Make a measurement around the circumference of your paddleboard and compare to the total length of the straps shown below. Straps are made with extra strap length to help with tightening of the straps. Make sure your paddleboard circumference is less than the total length of the strap. If not you will not have enough strap to go around your board! 

*In process of updating X-small size image