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Nozou is a brand aimed to unify and connect boarders. We believe that the water is a place for everyone to enjoy and connect with one another. Whether you're into camaraderie, competition, or just chilling, its always a great time on the water.

Our goal is to provide a positive impact to the SUP community we love through our own community involvement, sustainable practices, and high quality products that let you express yourself on the water.

Where it all started

Summer of 2020. With a global pandemic and uncertainty surrounding us, the water became our escape, our sanctuary.

Sloans Lake in Denver, Colorado became our go-to-spot for our paddleboarding adventures, spending hours enjoying nature and each others company.

Connecting on the water

Hanging out on the lake and having picnics was a fun time except for the constant shuffling and adjusting trying to stay side by side. Looking to buy a product to solve our issues, we quickly found out there was no convenient solution.

First Prototype

With an idea in mind and no sewing experience, Eric started sewing our prototypes of different materials and sizes. Not the most eye catching but they worked! Countless days were spent testing out different hardware, webbing materials, and strap widths/thickness.

Final Product

With no real intentions of making it a business we started using our paddleboard straps for fun. Friends and strangers started taking notice and we soon realized we weren't the only ones having the same issues. Eric started sketching out different patterns and started our first batch of straps. To this day, we continue to sew and assemble the straps ourselves here in Colorado.

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Combining Passion With Business

With everything in place and with the support from the SUP community, we launched our site and much to our surprise sold out within days. A fun passion had turned into a small business we are proud of and excited about. We strive to create a brand that focuses on high-quality products, continued innovation, and most importantly a focus on bringing all of us together. 

Coming together and giving back to the community is important to us. From the very beginning we decided we would donate a portion of our sales to organizations we believe in. During checkout you will have the choice of who you would like to support at no cost to you!

As Nozou grows its product line and reach, my hope is that you can accompany us on our journey and grow with us!

Shelby & eric- Founders

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